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What Basics of Futures Trading is offering ?

As of now, Basics of Futures Trading is offering few indicators, drawing tools. Soon, we will be providing education on basics of Elliott wave theory.
You don’t have to keep staring at the screen. Our indicators offer Visual and audio notifications.
No parameters to choose, no steep learning curve to conquer.
Works on any timeframe and any type of bar.
To find high probability trades based on the Elliott Wave Theory on different markets. Jump into the next wave and find the right way to use the theory in live markets.
Elliott wave based indicators that have been coded to help your decision making process easier and save time so you can find more tradable opportunities.

Are you interested in getting funded?

Choosing to become a funded trader or trading your own money, can affect your journey in the futures trading market. You have to invest a lot of trading capital if you want to use your own money for trading. If you choose the route of funded trading account then your initial risk of losing your own money decreases exponentially. With funded account, a Funding Firm will provide you with platform, data fees and trading capital. If you want to learn more about funded trading account visit our resources page here to get our recommended funding firms.

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Our FUTURES Trading Indicators

Optimum Marking Indicator

Optimum Marking Indicator_Milind
Futures Trading Indicators

Optimum Marking indicator provides buy and sell signals at the optimum marking up or down level of the price. You can also enable audio alerts when the signals are generated.

PORK Indicator

Projection Of Reversal Key-zone

Projection Of Reversal Key-zone | Futures Trading Indicators
Projection Of Reversal Key-zone

The Projection of Reversal Key-zone is a powerful indicator that spots price reversals before they happen. This indicator displays and provides audio alerts when price creates key zones that indicate an upcoming reversal. NinjaTrader 8 users can download the indicator here.

Wave Manager Indicator

Wave Manager Indicator_Milind
Wave Manager | Futures Trading Indicators

If you’re looking for a reliable futures trading indicator, look no further than the Wave Manager Futures Trading Indicator. This NinjaTrader 8 indicator will help you identify market turns with confidence, so you can profit from them.

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